lunedì 25 aprile 2011

Buona Liberazione - Have a nice Liberation Day

In Italy the 25 April this year is the first Monday after Eastern (so it's a holiday) and it's our Liberation Day (so again it's holiday) from bloody Nazi-Fascism. Hopefully this year could bring peace to all and let us have liberation from ignorance, poverty and cheats, but I'm not so sure because of the decline in Italian culture of this last couple of decades. A decadence so evident if you just look at the omophoby spreading around.

I can't undestand how one could be discriminated because of color, religion of sexual behaviuor, but seems for someone these could be good reasons to discriminate a man or a woman. I used many skins in Second Life when I was a fashion model, from pale white to black ones. And I had a lot of close friendships with some special women (for instance my virtual girlfriend Messaljna Pera, or my special friends Maura Taurog and Giuditta Broome) so I really don't mind if you call me bisex, lesbo, bitch or wathever. I think we are just one race, human race, and that nothing more matter. So again, Happy Easter and good Liberation Day for all.

E per una volta amiche italiane, penso possiate facilmente tradurre questo post e condividerlo, eventualmente esprimendo la vostra solidarietà rispetto a questa ennesima squallida vicenda capitata a una coppia lesbica (e alle squallide polemiche per il manifesto dell'Ikea): (brava Paola Concia, hai tutta la mia ammirazione).

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