mercoledì 4 maggio 2011

Art, fashion, furnitures and so on

What about Second Life in these last nights? Nothing really new but in this strange (and for business still very depressed, in RL as in SL) Spring I was pleasantly surprised to hear a couple of friends I didn't meet since a while, Silviax Johin (former model for Jennyfer Miles's agency and then fashion designer) and Melusina Parkin (Ceo of MEB, the brand of my good friend MariaElena Barbosa).

It was nice to hear from both and have a chat with both, remembered me the old times when Lucy was everynight inworld, busy with a lot of business or just for fun with her friend. Well, now RL asked its price and I have to work hard, too hard to be always inworld (as my "boss" Anubis Harthunian, owner and designer of Anubis Style knows well) but is nice to meet again old friend always with new ideas to share.

Melusina in particular let me know that she will have an exposition very soon, at Paris 1900, because of her work in the furnitures field (she is the owner of Meludeco and create nice furnitures inspired to that of the early XXth Century in RL), then probably she will have another exposition, of some her photos, I think at Barcellona or in another Spanish sim. I'm really happy for her and waiting to take a look. Last but not least, Anubis crated some new outfits very cool as always and I promise I will talk about (and let you have a look) in the next few days here on my blog, just the time to prove them when I will have an half afternoon (or evening) for dressing and taking some snapshots inworld.

Aw, by the way, a very very last thing: in these days there was a contest on (the online community I use to select every week a "graphic dreamer" for my column on, called "Virtual Diversity". There were more than a hundred works (every artists have to choose only one image) and some very nice. The winners and the top twenty runnersup will be displayed in Second Life at Diabolus Art Space gallery (see also there: and then in Craft at the headquarter of Museo del Metaverso (take a look also there: Hope you can go and take a look, I think it will be worthwhile.

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