domenica 19 giugno 2011

What a week!

Thanks to God this week is closed and hopefully the next will be better. Due to some RL trouble it seems to me hard it could be worst, my friends, but at least something is moving in SL again and not only from the artistic side of view (you know I write weekly about digital artist of on my column Graphic Dreams on, but even for fashion, my first (or second, it depends from time to time) passion, at least in virtual reality.

Last week I met Marianna Vita, a Greek lady from Patrasso in love with SL since her very first visit in September 2007 and since then builder and landlord of Maritonto Home Rental, a nice sims systems where you can find for affordable prices the virtual home of your dreams, just furnished as you prefer (Marianna has more than 100 options ready for you). At Maritonto a new mall is growing for its rentals and Anubis Style (togheter with Mamba, that is the new brand of Mew Denimore, yet owner and designer of Addoro) is there too, so hopefully you can have fun with Anubis' (and Mew's) latest outfits, ready for you. An interview of Marianna you can find on's pages too.

Next week you can even follow a nice fashion show of Anubis at the renewed land of Dubai Jazz My Way: it will be a welcome party, since Anubis Style (and Mamba too, again) is opening its store in the beautiful land of Milla Rasmuson and Giuseppe Curti (for further informations looks there). Then.. well then of course I will try to take a look at SL8B, the 8th birthday of SL, probably I will manage the opening of another store of Anubis in an italian land and... who knows, I will have to do a lot of things in RL too. Hopefully a little bit better than this awful week. Cya!

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