mercoledì 29 giugno 2011

New Anubis Style opening at Curlew Waters

Another shop of Anubis Style open on Second Life, the virtual world of Linden Lab. This time is at Curlew Waters, where there was once Porto Venere and where now you can find some of the most important fashion brands of SL joined in the group Italian Charm.
Anubis (whose store you can find even on the web: offer a wide range of some of her most renewed outfits and of course the very last new entry of her latest collection for all the visitors of the beautiful land of Jennyfer Miles, so I hope you'll come and take a look at the all land (and of course at our shop!). But I must admit I was very very pleased to receive the visit of a great friend of mine, the italian fashion designer Pinco Janus, owner and designer of Babele Fashion. Pinco appreciated a lot our new stores and the latest outfits of Anubis Style and since she is one of the most renewed (and sexy) designer of all SL this is an onour for us.So I can only invite you to visit the new store of Anubis Style (here the landmark: and choose your Anubis' clothes you like much. Because remember, Anubis Style is just for ladies who have style as you!

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