giovedì 14 luglio 2011

Just the time to wear Megan

Back home from a travel for work in North of Italy, I was too busy to connect in Second Life in these very last days, until today. I wanted to meet Anubis Hartunian but it was impossible, she is busy in RL and SL too, next Modavia Fashion Show is coming and a new collection has to be prepared, so we will meet in the next few days (I hope!).

No matter, it was just the time to make a couple of photos of me dressing one of the most incredible outfit Anubis has ever created for her brand, Anubis Style, the Megan (which you can buy at Anubis' main in Journey,, or on the web at SL marketplace,, that you can see in the photos of this post.

Megan is a very gipsy outfit, made with more than a dozen of different textures and a lot of nice details, from the sculpted jacket to the belt and is perfect with its boots in leather. Hope you like it as I like and remember that you can even buy it in the green or in the blue version. So just a very fast "goodbye" to all and cya soon inworld or on these pages (and of course for those lovers of electronic art, on the pages of too).

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