lunedì 12 settembre 2011

Anubis Style Fall Collection 2011

It's done: after a very nice show at Modavia's fashion week, last Friday, with a lot of friends coming to see Anubis' latest outfits (sim was full quite for all the show, with 60 selected avatars always on), Anubis Style Fall Collection 2011 is now on sale inworld and as soon as possible on the store on Marketplace.

If you wanna have a first glance of the entire collection (15 glamorous and very different outfits, from cocktail dresses to jackets, from silk to leather) you can take a look in Facebook's Anubis Hartunian album, here:

I will try to post as soon as possible more photos of these outfits (the image you see in this post is me wearing Mouche, a chinese-like outfit in red silk) since I think they are some of the best you can find at the moment in all the grid, so really Anubis Style is the style for ladies who style! Cya soon!

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