domenica 12 gennaio 2014

Happy virtual worlds to all

Do you love virtual worlds? I love this kind of 3D online plaftorm, no matter if Second Life, InWorldz, IMVU, Twinity or any other you could like. When I discovered them, some years ago (yes, some years, it was 2007 but seems a century) nobody knows about them or quite in Italy.

Then everything changed with the media hype of Second Life; it didn't last and now nobody knows about them or quite, again, in Italy, but frankly speaking who cares. If I have something to write I have my blog about virtual worlds, fashion and graphic dreams. If I have to create a picture I just log in, take picture, edit them with my Gimp and voilà, you can see the result on Flickr or Koinup and seems a lot of you still likes  my images from virtual worlds and that's enough for me.

Moreovere I collaborate with the main Italian virtual worlds related portal,, so I can call myself "contributor", or "virtual journalist" if you prefer, and for my ego that's good enough too! The only things I still don't like are dramas: you know, when someone you have in your friendlist suddenly stop talking with you, or start an istant message with the usual "you can erase my name from your friendlist as I did with your in mine".

Why? The causes can vary from jelousy, misunderstood of some of my action or non-action (sorry boys and girls, I login mainly for taking pictures, very seldomly I say "hello" to all my friends online... could be very nasty but it's true: I have very limited time for virtuality with a reality full of duties, from family to work). OK, hope someone have undestood better that I'm not that awful person, but if still someone think I am, it's ok, and it's your problem, not mine.

What about more? Oh yes, have a wonderful 2014 all, in virtual worlds as well as in reality. And if you like continue to follow my blog, my galleries and too, of course! Cya!

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