venerdì 11 aprile 2014

I've got an Ydea

Ok, finally I paid my due writing of one of the most appreciated italian fashion brands in Second Life, Ydea Fashion, of Emy Burt. I knew Emy since she started with a small shop at Best of Italian, but as sometimes happens when you know too much a person and her/his abilities, you might simply don't talk because.... well, I don't know why, just it happened.

As you know I was the Ceo and Pr Manager of Best of Italian, and Emy as I said is an old friend of mine, add that I am more shy than I usually give the impression to be and maybe that's way. Btw, Ydea Fashion is a great fashion brand, with an offer inworld and on SL Marketplace really wide, with about 800 different outfits you can choose, from a few lindens to some hundreds, from jeans skirts or jackets to grand ball outfit.

I wrote about Emy and her business on too (as you know is probably the most important italian site related to virtual worlds with more than 1 million pageviews per year) so if you like to know more about what I think of the latest creations of Emy please give a look even that. Oh, maybe you would like to give me a little help in keeping this blog alive, welll in that case I suppose you know what to do or click.. lol!

If you prefer to take a look closer, just click and go to Ydea mainstore in Second Life: if only, you will find about 40 freebies and group gifts, and a lot of different outfits for man and woman. Nearby you could even find interesting items from a good selection of some of the best brands of all Second Life, so don't waste your time, jump in and have fun!

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