venerdì 9 gennaio 2015

No, I'm not disappeared

No, I'm not disappeared, not yet, not in SL as well as in RL...

But no, I'm no more a model, a PR manager or a Ceo of any fashion brand: RL is quite busy at the moment, so I must concentrate on it first.

Sure, I always love to login in Second Life, take snapshots for my Flickr's gallery, chat with friends, explore lands, follow some good events.

Sure, you can always contact me via Flickr or on Twitter (@lucianapinazzo is my account) or even through where I still talk about a lot of things but mainly art (and a bit of fashion).

Any other questions for 2015? Here I am, your friendly neighbour Luciana Pinazzo, so just give me a call and have fun! Kisses!

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