martedì 24 febbraio 2015

I was inside a Tardis, that Tardis!

Ok I must confess: I'm a Whovian, i.e. a fan of the Uk tv series "Doctor Who". If you have even just the faintest idea of what does this mean, I can understand how I can be happy that a cute and lovely girl as Margarita ("Margie") Blanco accepted to take a snapshot with me in her Tardis (take a look at her gallery).

Aw, just to let you know, in Second Life there are a lot of fan groups of "the Doctor" and some designers sells even outfits (and avies!) related with the main carachters of the series, but you know how I can be lazy, so I didn't dress up in a specific suite, but just with my Babele Fashion Italian Flag Bikini. Fortunately Margie didn't complain about.

More: as she has to leave soon after the shoot, I was able to take a couple of pictures more inside the Tardis (well, the set of the very first version of the Tardis, since at the moment the set used in the eight season from the reboot is quite different), so here they are and hope you don't mind if I was a bit naughty as possible "companion" of the Doctor. But who knows, after all he is a Time Lord, so probably wouldn't be too much surprised of my suite...

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