domenica 4 settembre 2016

Little naughty virtual worlds

Hi all, as you can see I'm alive and kicking, just have a little time to post regularly on my poor blog. But you can always read me on if you like (and I hope you will). Don't want to waist your time: I realized a lot of photos from virtual worlds and graphic works I love are a bit naughy, but still beautiful.

My favourite pics from little naughty worlds

So, if you don't like erotic works, or if you are underage, please leave this post: in my blog there are a lot of very nice articles and related images from virtual worlds like Second Life you can enjoy. Otherwise, well... have a nice view, these are some of my latest favorites on Flickr that I find very interesting. Do you agree?

P.S.: I still manage the Flickr's group of Mondivirtuali - Virtual Worlds and often I find my new favorites on them. Take a look and if you like add your works, I will be very happy to talk about them here or on, where all the latest pics appear regularly on the homepage and receive further exposures.

Have a nice view

Them - Luciana Pinazzo Red Diablo - Diablo BalazicSoaked - Dokkie 2112Seddy Living Dead Girl - Athena Obvliarte
Siluette - Tatiana Easterwood
Tatiana Alexandra Paparazzoted - ARnnO PLAneR

Adagio - Laura RichardsMoonlight Serenade - Mandy
Out of space - Mareea FarrascoLuxury - Nimoe ConstantineHardwood 6 - Aria Horan

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