martedì 8 marzo 2011

Alexander McQueen tribute

Did you remember of Alexander McQueen? If not, pleased don't read further, this post clearly is not for you, no matter if you like (or not) the fashion system just in its virtual version like in Second Life (or Imvu, or The Sims...) or in the real one.

McQueen was probably the most innovative and perhaps controversial young (born on 1969, he was younger than me if just for a year) "bloody" (was found hanged in his wardrobethe 11 February 2010) british designer of the last decade of the XXth century and the first one of the XXIst.

Why I ask if you remember of him? Because Anubis Hartunian, owner and designer of Anubis Style, has an (insane?) passione for his works, for his designs, for his art. So she decided (and... ok, I agreed with her) to devote a tribute to his work, creating a little collection, for an half inspired just by his style and so reinterpreted by Anubis herself and for an half totally designed to reproduce his magic works in avatarian-style outfits.

Did Anubis hit the mark? For me she did, as always, but please judge by yourself taking a look at the images of this article and remember (I will post further in the next articles): the pictures of these collection are taken in Anubis Style main, at (so if you like to buy one for yourself, let's see you there!)

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