sabato 12 marzo 2011

Anubis Style tribute to Alexander McQueen - part 1

Personally think one of the main reason to use Second Life as a creative digital platform is the possibility to recreate real objects, clothes, accessories just without having to take care of materials (that in RL often put limits to creativity). SL is a graphic grid so we essentially are playing with carachters, we can design everything from shoes to hats, from hairs to skins, to make our loved avatars the better and most personal we can.

Anubis Hartunian is one of the most talented women I met in the metaverse: in RL she is not a designer, at her beginning she hardly was able to use Gimp or Photoshop, but has fantasy and creativity. And loves beuty and design. So it's not surprisingly that, in a world where access barriers are lower than in RL, she was able to create and develope one of the most famous fashion brand of this virtual world: Anubis Style. Often giving declared tributes to the most intriguing RL designers, as was Alexander McQueen (which is still a very interesting fashion house, even if the british designer died last year).

But let's talk of Anubis' work: she created two distinct group of outfit which together form the Alexander McQueen Tribute Collection that you can find in Anubis Style main shop. The first group I wanna talk about is formed by four items, but with some different colors Anubis offers you eight distinct outifts: Tulipe, that you can choose in four different colors (water, rose, lime and blue), Ryen (two versions, agua or rose), Camelia and Alexander.

They recall the style of Alexander McQueen in the use of colors, of silks, or in the way they are drawned and cut, I love them since you can wear them with other jackets or accessories and create your own outfit, being the same a bright star in an elegant evening, or a nice, smooth flower in a cocktail party. You can show your true colors and be unique even in a crowded event. Always in an elegant and classy way, since you're a lady after all, even in a virtual world.

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