sabato 19 marzo 2011

Anubis Style tribute to Alexander McQueen - part 2

As I said, Anubis Harthunian non only decided to give a tribute to Alexander McQueen (the talentuous british designer died last year, whose brand is still vibrant as you can see by its corporate site) creating in SL some some outfits that remind the use of color or drawns of McQueen's work, as with Tulipe (in four different colors: water, rose, lime and blue), Ryen (two versions, agua or rose), Camelia and Alexander, of which I talked in my previous post.

Anubis sometimes tried to recreate in SL some real RL outfits of Alexender, for instance some you can find here: and that you see in the images of this post. Of course there are always two ways to do things: one is just copy and past textures (one of my dearest friend, Bianca Foulon, called sometimes this outfits the "photoshopped collections").

The other way is the way Anubis choose: to redesign the outfits, trying to be close to the original, but adabtping forms and colors to the graphic editor you use, in this case Second Life. Since you know, in RL these wonderful outfits are just for those women can wear them with quite no curves, thin and long legs, strong personality and great make up effects.

In Second Life where you usually find some "wonder women", with extra large boobs, massive shape, and not always a good selection of skins and make ups, the game is different and you have to try to adapt your style to your customers. But without pervert the original idea (in this case both like McQueen inspiration and like Anubis own work).

I think Anubis did a great work and the results were excellent, as you can see with Rissa, Lee, Laia and Catlyn, which are now grouped in the Alexander McQueen Tribute Collection (please note that with the outfits even boots and bags are included).
And now is your turn: come ad Anubis Style mainshop at and take a look.

I'm sure you will fall in love with one or more of these wonderful outifts tribute of one of the most interestant youg designer of the last decade. So really, what are you waiting for? Cya there, or take a look at Anubis's items on sale on the marketplace: if you prefer.

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