mercoledì 30 marzo 2011

Spring is coming

Spring is coming (and Anubis Style Spring Collection is yet in the shops, ready for you lovely fashionists), but you know... sometimes you came out with the sun and then start raining, or the wind freeze you...
So I thougth of taking a snapshot of me wearing Landa, which tecnically is an outfit of Anubis' last Winter Collection, but I love it since it's easy to wear and can give you a lot of possibilities to cover / uncover you... depending by the weather (or the company...).
Here I wear the "Hell blue" version, but you can choose in four different colors, so you can find the best for your style, I'm sure. As I'm sure that as soon as RL will allow me (at the moment I'm a bit busy with work and family, you know) I will be back in SL and start creating new events and contests for my friend Anubis Harthunian, of whom at the end I'm still the Ceo!
Cya there.

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