sabato 5 marzo 2011

Great Mardì Gras costumes for you on SL

Great costume party yesterday at the MiC (the island of Musei in Roma Capitale), with some of the best musicians and singers of the metaverse who performed life streaming, each performing three songs of his/her repertoire.
Next to party music and dancing, always at the MiC, at the Temple of Vesta and the Roman hypogeum, was set up a real theatrical couture, "
Carnival Fashion", where you could buy the beautiful costumes made by some of the best fashion brands in Second Life.

could not miss, so we presented "El Diablo de Portobelo", you see above (in the background the RL costume), full of bright red sequins and with a lot of boots e.. wings, made for Miss Panama for the final of the Miss America contest in SL.

In addition to
our hell, we have proposed "Lumaca" (litterally: snail) that you see in the picture above with a very "Roman"
background, created for a special event and is now available for purchase, for a limited time, such as El Diablo, at our new main, at

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