lunedì 4 aprile 2011

I was exposed in RL

I was reading the interview of Alipia Rossini (an Italian Drow on SL) on and I was struck by a sentence, "This my first alter ego arrived early enough to expose part of myself in RL, an error that has since I didn’t repeat". I don't know directly Alipia, not in SL nor in RL, even if sometimes reading of her remind me a close SL friend of mine, Messaljna Pera (that you seen in this image... aw, I damn miss her)... but I realized just that even I am exposed in RL.

I mean, Lucy is my character, my virtual identity, but of course I have some friends in RL that know who I am (or that know that the person behind Lucy moves that avatar, depending from your point of view). To be honest at the moment there are about half a dozen women who know, which, I suppose, is quite a small number (and since one of them passed away one year ago more or less and a couple of them are very seldomly in world, well... is even smaller). I don't think this is such a problem like seems Alipia think (but eveyone has her/his good reasons so I respect her desire of privacy no less than mine), but the same this thought stroke me quite.

Oh well, I will reveal myself to my bosses maybe one day (to Anubis Harthunian, owner and designer of Anubis Style (that you can find on Marketplace too: for instance, should we ever meet in RL as we both hope). Or to my friends should we ever have the occasion to meet and talk in RL and not just "in the game". For now I am happy to have been interviewed by an Italian television broadcasting some months ago (seems you can find my interview on Youtube...), demonstrating you can live two separete lives, that of the author and that of the carachter, riceiving good gratifications in both. SL could be a dream, or a theather, or a virtual arena for developing your skills or just have fun.

Is the good (and the bad) of a virtual world, don't you think? And... the next time I will talk again of fashion and clothes, but for new just a song for you, my dear friends:
Bye bye, have fun in both your worlds.

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